Provider Features


“Hey Alexa, Open Talktor.”

Talktor allows patients to request appointments with healthcare practices through their favorite smart-home devices. In a process that takes around 30 seconds, your practice can receive a detailed email with all the contact information of the patient that wants an appointment.

Easy To Use Platform

With our simple administrative platform, you can easily add your healthcare providers under your practice’s account. As soon as your providers are added, your patients can start booking appointments immediately.


Increase Workflow Efficiency

Our platform bridges the gap between patient and provider through voice technology. By automating portions of the appointment scheduling process, we allow your staff to focus on vital aspects of your operations, saving administration costs while increasing efficiency.

We’re Always Evolving

Talktor is constantly evolving to benefit our subscribers. A few features in the works:

  • Google Assistant - coming soon

  • EHR/EMR/Practice Management Integrations

  • Talktor In-Practice Skill (for scheduling follow-up appointments inside your practice)